Digital Dailies
Scalable solutions for effective data management

Onset Data Lab

Using Assimilate’s SCRATCH®, the Onset Data Lab can ingest footage from multiple cameras, Q.C rushes via a calibrated monitor, perform one light grades, and create offline files in a variety of formats including ProRes, DNxHD, Open EXR and DPX.
The lab is scalable depending on the requirements of the job and can accommodate Red Rocket Cards, Codex transfer docks, LTO decks, and Fibre or SAS RAID storage as necessary. Grade one monitors can also be included should DOP monitoring be required. The SCRATCH® Lab has the benefit of being able to work with multiple file formats within the same projects and so productions are able to use a variety of camera types with all of the footage processed through the same pipeline. 

Mobile Data Lab

The Mobile Data Lab package offers enough power to safely ingest rushes, perform a Q.C. and transcode either on set or at a remote location without the need for an external power supply.
Using SCRATCH® software, the Mobile Data Lab can handle multiple compressed formats and can be attached to a 32TB RAID for maximum onset storage. The system has been designed to function in the most challenging of environments from deserts to jungles without any loss of functionality or quality. This package is perfect for fast moving shoots or productions on a tighter budget shooting with a compressed format.

Dailies Lab

Our Dailies Labs are uniquely designed to come to you. Whether in a studio or on location, our lab supervisors can create bespoke, robust workflows that deliver at the highest level. The labs can process rushes from multiple units, accommodate multiple camera formats, backup rushes and perform a full quality control check and create editorial and review dailies for all major platforms including DAX Cloud, PIX and Live Play. In addition, our iPad dailies service enables clients to view their rushes just hours after wrap. You can choose between having a LUT or CDL values applied on set or an experienced dailies colourist can be provided to retime rushes in the lab. Finally, rushes are watermarked and digitally encrypted for security and archived on the latest technologies. Footage can be kept live on our enterprise class storage systems allowing VFX pulls when required.