Services For a seamless digital workflow

Workflow Supervision

An efficient, secure, and adaptable workflow is critical to the success of a digital shoot. The ARRI Alexa XT, RED Epic/Dragon, Sony F65/55 and Canon C500 all yield an impressive image, but to get the most of your camera’s technical capabilities, an appropriate workflow must be implemented. The most effective solution will address the variables unique to each production and need not always be the most complex. Digital Orchard can support every aspect of your production’s workflow from initial planning, photography, data management, quality control, and the processing of your rushes right through to editorial and archive. Please get in touch for more information. 


Each technician on our team has both the technical skills and the creative sensibilities to be of indispensible value to the camera department on set. Our DITs will ensure that your cameras are set up correctly and that you are maximising the potential of your chosen digital format. Onset DITs will back-up your footage onto external drives and an internal RAID. Once a quality control (Q.C.) check has been conducted and any issues reported, the technician can perform a one light grade under the directions of the cinematographer and will finally produce the necessary files for editorial. Our DITs are consummate professionals and have excellent onset etiquette and a wealth of digital knowledge and experience. See our Technicians page for individual credits or contact us for bookings.

Onset and Mobile Data Labs

Our custom built Data Labs utilise the most powerful dailies and checksum software to create files in DNxHD, ProRes, H.264 and almost any other professional media format. We ensure that we are always up to date with emerging technologies and continue to invest in the latest equipment to deal with the ever-changing camera formats.

Digital Dailies Service

We can produce dailies for review and transcodes for editorial faster and more cost effectively than most post-production facilities using our bespoke Digital Dailies Service. For review we can create encrypted DVDs or files suitable for online dailies systems such as PIX, with watermarks and burnt in time codes and clip names. We also offer iPad dailies for instant review. Go to our Digital Labs page for more information regarding our Digital Dailies Services and our onset and mobile data labs.